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Quality Saggy Ceiling Repairs Perth

Noticed your ceiling is starting to sag? At Hi Spec Ceiling Repairs we use high-quality products and techniques to repair sagging ceilings and ensure that they’ll continue to be sag-free well into the future. We’ve repaired multiple sagging roofs in and around the Perth metropolitan area with years of experience dealing with the complexities of such a repair are able to handle it efficiently, effectively and with minimal disturbances to your home.

What can cause a sagging ceiling?

If not attended to sagging ceilings and their associated cracks can lead to serious structural problems that can affect a much larger ceiling area and require a lot more time and money to repair. But what actually causes a ceiling to sag in the first place? Saggy ceilings can result from a multitude of structural and cosmetic issues including; movement in the building, old strapping that wears away with age (plasterglass ceilings), faulty glue or glue that just isn’t holding anymore, screws that were drilled in too deep, nails that are popping out, roof leaks, vibrations from garage doors, even termites and white ants. All these structural issues can be easily solved and prevented if your roof is checked regularly by a ceiling expert and attended to the minute you start to notice it’s sagging.

Saggy ceilings can cost

It’s important not to leave a ceiling sagging for too long as if left unrepaired it will continue to become progressively worse and can even get to a point where it’s beyond fixing, and the entire roof will need to be replaced. This is a hefty investment that will leave a serious hole in your pocket and is going to be very hard to explain to your other half – Trust us; we’re ceiling experts.

Saggy ceilings will collapse!

Beyond being unpleasant to look at and costly if left unattended, sagging ceilings can also become dangerous, collapsing without warning if not repaired. This is an extremely dangerous hazard especially if you have a household with kids or elderly individuals so make sure to get your ceiling assessed and sorted the moment you notice the slightest sag.

Get in touch for a free quote

If you have a ceiling that’s sagging, get in touch today, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a free quote outlining precisely what needs to be done and how we can sort your sagging ceiling quickly and at an affordable, competitive price.

Sagging Ceiling Repairs – Before And After

Check out these pics of some of our latest sagging ceiling repairs and see first hand how we transformed them to a point where you would never have even known they were once sagging.

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